We are the exclusive Australian distributor of the brilliant 'One Dog One Bone' dog pools.

Large 'bombproof' bone-shaped
swimming pools for dogs

- Made with truckbed liner material

- Brass cap and drain for easy draining

- Stays cool in the summer time

- Chew and UV resistant

- 11"x44"x66" (28cm x 111cm x 165cm)

- No pool fencing required (below 30cm high)

- Holds 321 litres of water

- Built to last

- Fun colour choices

- Easy to clean

- Flexible - not brittle

- Endless fun for dogs of all shapes & sizes


Does your tiny clam shell sandpit only fit half your dog? Did it turn brittle and present a choking hazard? Has it turned out your PVC pool is not really claw-proof? The 'One Dog One Bone' premium, long lasting and great-looking dog pools will allow your dog to have FUN, lie down stretched out, fully submerge to cool off, and play like a crazy puppy in the water!  Our bone-shaped dog pools are built specifically for dogs. They're UV and chew resistant, and will provide years of enjoyment.  
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By far the best quality dog pool on the market.
— Don Jensen, USA
At last a dog pool that Digger can’t chew to bits!
— Andrew Henry, Brisbane